The Friday Afternoon Tea Sessions @ Pho Thaison


The Friday Afternoon Tea Sessions @ Pho Thaison

After many different endeavors in the “urban tea” world after returning from Asia, we are finally getting involved with something that has great potential to become a new cornerstone in perpetuating Austin’s “urban tea scene.”

My good friend Quang @ Pho Thaison {W.Anderson//Burnet} has graciously extended an opportunity to create a trial-run of tea happy hours–or “afternoon tea sessions” as I like to call them–in a greater effort to get an urban tea bar up and running in his restaurant.

In that this is a test phase//trial run we need can use all of the feedback that we can get, so we look forward to you all coming out to show your luv//support this Friday May 3        {& every Friday in May}

Help spread the wurd//luv & pass this link along!

Hope to see you there.

Nate D~ The Tea Aficionado

Friday Afternoon Tea Sessions
@ The Pho Thaison Tea Bar
(2438 W.Anderson)

Fridays in May

rare teas//select sounds//gong-fu tea ceremony

Limited seating//RSVP available:
@ Pho Thaison & The Tea Syndicate on Facebook

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The Tea Syndicate, A Concise History

 Cali Bock of Micro Austin has managed to capture the entire background story of The Tea Syndicate in one go–or the man w/ the master plan behind it all I should say!

“The Austin Tea Syndicate: If you dig through all the tealeaves, local Nathan Davis is inspired by and promotes Taiwan’s independent art scene.”

“After eight years of traversing Asia, Davis brought back tea knowledge, the first Taiwanese band to perform at SXSW and a passion to keep the region’s art and music culture alive.”

get the entire scoop here:

Urban Teahouse // The Concept

The “urban teahouse” is an evolving concept for an ideal space in which to explore conscious social interaction. It’s a place where the self-aware come to indulge in the more subtle aspects of social engagement and interaction. A social interaction that’s steeped in health-consciousness and moderation. It’s a place to embrace conscious intoxication by the more subtle things in life. A place where the senses are more open and we become more aware of smells, flavours, sights, textures, and sounds. A place where we place less distinction upon natural versus mechanical and “man-made,” and become open to the ever-evolving beauty within all patterns of existence. It’s a place where subtle movement is encouraged and explored—both the expansive and contracted. A place where we we are motivated and self-actualized on a local level, while understanding the greater implications of our actions throughout our extended environments globally. As a such a space for conscientious social interaction, it draws upon the concepts of yoga, tai-chi/qi-gong, and movement studios, temples, modern cafes and performance venues, and yes of course from “teahouses!” And while the concept stems from the teahouses of old in Asia, it is global in it’s modern scope and projection. The idea is to draw upon the wisdom of traditional cultures in order to inspire new models for social change and interaction—cultivating stronger communities at the local level, while fostering the growth of international networks of progressive cultural integration on a global scale.

Brown-bag Talk & Urban Tea Session @ AOMA College of Chinese Medicine

“AOMA offers regular brown bag presentations.  These topics include distinguished speakers, alumni sharing experiences, practice management tips, etc.  All brown bag talks are FREE to the public.  Bring your lunch, bring your questions, leave with knowledge.”


“Urban Tea Session”

An introduction to basic concepts of Chinese/Asian tea culture and relevant modern adaptations through urban teaism.

The tea session will be lead by Nathan Davis of The Tea Syndicate. Nathan is a professional educator with a background in health systems and cross-cultural communication. His knowledge of tea is based upon years of direct interaction with the culture while living and studying in Taiwan and elsewhere in Asia. Drawing upon his studies in Cognitive Science, he presents what he refers to as an “experiential” approach to learning. Therefore, the manner in which The Tea Syndicate seeks to spread knowledge is experientially motivated—seeking to facilitate the transfer of information and skills through the direct interaction from one tea drinker to the next. His goal is to inspire shifts in the interaction between traditional tea culture and the modern world; to equip the modern tea drinker with the skills and insights necessary to continue along their own path of self-discovery within this spectacular ever-evolving world of urban teaism!

Relevant topics might include:
-Different types of teas: Oolong, Green, Black, White, Yellow, Pu’er, etc.
-Utensils necessary for brewing loose-leaf teas—from the most basic to advance
-The differences & uniqueness of various Asian and global tea cultures
-Where and how tea is grown and processed
-How to go about sourcing your own teas—from companies or tea farms in other countries
-Basic tea culture terminology

Urban Tea Session with Nathan Davis
Monday April 16, 12:45-1:45, Classroom E1