What’s an Urban Tea Session?? The Scoop by MicroAustin

Cali Bock of MicroAusin has the got the lowdown on how it all went down @ our Daily Juice Tea Sessions!!

“I realized that that in a time where there are so many electronic subgenres of ‘global’ music, there has yet to arise any true ventures into electronic resampling of East Asian music, and I don’t mean ‘electronic sounding’ music, but utilizing modern digital tools for sampling & reinterpreting traditional East Asian sounds, while remaining true to the essential aspects of its roots–the melodies, rhythms, etc.”


—Nathan Davis, of The ’Urban Tearoom’, on his Urban Teahouse Remix Project, Davis’ endeavor to unite Eastern and Western cultures through the remixing of archival, resampled East Asian music.


get the whole story here:


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