More Tea EP

Years in the making, the More Tea EP is finally ready to drop on Muti Music next month on April 8th

Pre-order on Boomkat here:



Featuring field recordings from remote villages in China, More Tea delivers a tight melody, a great hook and awesome levels of funk and bass driven goodness. Top notch remixes are featured from established talent that is known for creating some of the best mayhem on dancefloors, namely Liquid Stranger, David Starfire and Mr. Bill and then also introduces emerging artists Sonia Calico from Taipei and Jason Hou from Beijing who each deliver some of the most tasteful remixes we could have expected.

Curated and instigated by Nathan Davis and his creative work as The Tea Syndicate, the project seeks to re-consider the culture of Gong Fu Cha (traditional Chinese tea) that’s sweeping the Western world at the moment. The samples are part of a much bigger sound library — The Taichung Archives — that was recorded in China over three decades ago by now-retired Taiwanese producer Alex Peng, and includes both studio sessions and field recordings in remote villages. More info @

ill.GATES is a bass droppin’, educatin’ oscillator modulatin’ space genius from the future. High Priest of the Church of Bass, this intrepid vagabond can be found plundering inspiration and sharing his creations all over the planet. ill.Gates is best known for his epic collaborations with artists like Bassnectar, Datsik, and Beats Antique as well as full length albums Autopirate (2008) and The ill.Methodology (2011). ill.Gates also teaches groundbreaking music workshops at his website .

The More Tea EP is a teaser for the new ill.Gates album Terminally Ill, also dropping soon on Muti Music.

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